Seventh season of “Centro medico” in the afternoons of La 1 TVE

Seventh season of “Centro medico” in the afternoons of La 1 TVE

The series 'Centro medico' returns to the afternoons of the 1 TVE with its seventh season. This season brings news such as the incorporation of actress Ana Caldas to play doctor Rocio Jimenez and shooting in new outdoors. The medical docufiction, that recreates stories based on real clinical cases, continues to rise since its premiere.

In the seventh season, the series maintains its work of public service and dissemination on health issues in a clear and entertaining way. To make the personal plots more attractive, it incorporates shootings in new outdoors that will allow the public to get to know the protagonists better, and to be present at key moments of their private lifes.

In addition, Ana Caldas will be Rocio Jimnez, a doctor who will bring joy and a good atmosphere to the day to day hospital.

'Centro medico' has managed to consolidate a docufiction format that allows more creativity and realism, with explanations looking at camera about diseases or medical advice.

The series continues to rise since its premiere in 2015. In the last season it managed to exceed 10% several times  and reached an average of 7.4% and 723,000 viewers.