• Director:

    Samuel Martín Mateos and Andrés Luque Pérez

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Genre:


  • Duration:

    90 minutes

  • Producer:

    Antonio Saura and Pancho Casal

  • Production Companies:

    Continental, Mucho Ruido

  • Script:

    Javier Félix Echániz and Juan Antonio Gil Bengoa

  • Assembly:

    Guillermo Represa

  • Costume Design:

    Ruth Pereira

  • Director of photography:

    Juan Carlos Gómez

  • Music:

    Xabi Font, Arturo Vaquero


Carmelo Gómez, Hugo Silva, Celso Bugallo, Carlos Sante, Xavier Estévez, Isabel Blanco, Mabel Rivera, among others...


Sebastian, a small delinquent recently released from prison, decides to seek employment in a small company in Galicia. This is not a vocational decision, he feels that the owner of this company, Regueira, has not paid his Jaguar with crabs. He becomes friend of Raul, a manager, and gets hired. Regueira notices something is going on, but he finds out that Sebastian has gills and decides to make him his assistant. Little by little, Sebastian changes his appearance, he gets new clothes, new teeth and above all the confidence of his boss. He thinks he has reached the top... But, Sebastian, so clever and ruthless, ignores that he is part of a game that surpasses him.