Dos tipos duros

Dos tipos duros

  • Director:

    Juan Martínez Moreno

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Genre:

    Comedy, Action, Crime, Buddy Film

  • Duration:

    99 minutes

  • Producer:

    Antonio Saura

  • Script:

    Juan Martínez Moreno; Based on an argument by Antonio Saura and Juan Martínez Moreno

  • Assembly:

    Javier Laffaille

  • Costume Design:

    Eva Arretxe

  • Director of photography:

    Gonzalo F. Berridi

  • Artistic direction:

    Luis Ramírez

  • Music:

    Álex Martínez


Antonio Resines (Paco), Elena Anaya (Tatiana), Rosa María Sardá (Aramís), Jordi Vilches (Álex), Joan Crosas (Víctor), Fele Martínez (Bebe), Mariola Fuentes (Reme), Manuel Alexandre (Don Rodrigo), Jaime Blanch (Don Reinaldo Peña)


Paco (Antonio Resines) works for Don Rodrigo (Manuel Alexandre) as his strong arm to intimidate clients who owe him money, but he himself is in debt to the boss. Don Rodrigo gives him a little more time to pay up, but, in exchange, he must become the mentor of Don Rodrigo’s wayward nephew, Alex (Jordi Vilches), to help him learn the family profession. When Paco is offered a kidnapping job on the side, he sees the opportunity to earn back the money he owes the Don. Alex, however, has gotten mixed up with one of the prostitutes in the bar, Tatiana (Elena Anaya), and together they get into even more trouble.