El futuro ya no es lo que era

El futuro ya no es lo que era

  • Director:

    Pedro Barbero

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Duration:

    106 minutes

  • Producer:

    José Velasco

  • Production Management:

    Alicia Yubero

  • Executive producer:

    Sara Fernández-Velasco and Juan Gona

  • Script:

    Pedro Barbero

  • Assembly:

    Guillermo Alvite

  • Director of photography:

    Juan Carlos Gómez

  • Artistic direction:

    Julio Torrecilla

  • Direct sound:

    Jaime Barros

  • Music:

    Víctor Reyes


Carlos/Kar-El: Dani Rovira
Carmen: Carmen Maura
Luisa: Carolina Bang
Jon: Saúl Barceló
Melina: Lucía de la Fuente
Álex: Eduardo Velasco
Cristóbal: José Corbacho


Kar-el is a well known fortune teller that earns his living by telling the spectator´s future at a local television channel in Oviedo, Spain. But he is also Carlos, a guy who can´t even understand his present, his children, his ex-wife nor his mother, the prestigious actress Carmen Segarra.

Carlos is at a crossroad. He has received an offer of a national television channel to be the fortune teller star of a successful program. The dilemma is to continue with his imposture, accept the offer and certainly become rich and famous or throw it all away and fight for the dream of his life: being an actor.

When he is about to make a decision, an unexpected turn will precipitate the events. Before leaving Oviedo, something will happen that will change the future of Carlos and Kar-el.