• cine-el_gran_marciano

El gran marciano

El gran marciano

  • Director:

    Antonio Hernández

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Duration:

    111 minutes

  • Producer:

    Antonio Saura

  • Executive producer:

    Julián Pavón

  • Script:

    Alfredo Díaz, Antonio Prieto and Antonio Hernández

  • Decoration:

    Gabriel Carrascal

  • Assembly:

    Javier Lafaille

  • Production manager:

    Javier Mony

  • Director of photography:

    Unax Mendía

  • Music:

    Víctor Reyes


Israel Pita (ISRAEL),
Ania Iglesias (ANIA),
Iñigo Gonzalez (IÑIGO),
Iván Armesto (IVAN),
Mª José Galera (Mª JOSÉ),
Koldo Sagastizábal (KOLDO),
Silvia Casado (SILVIA),
Ismael Beiro (ISMAEL),
Nacho Rodríguez (NACHO),
Mónica Ruiz (MÓNICA),
Vanesa Pascual (VANESSA),
Marina Díez (MARINA),
Mabel Garrido (MABEL),
Jorge Berrocal (JORGE)


A group of fourteen people travels on a commercial mission to Extremadura. They are going to present a hotel near the Natural Park of Monfrague to the press and promote tourism in the area.

One of them during the trip, gets in touch with a specialist in paranormal phenomena. The information this specialist gives him will be crucial because, when he meets the group, he discovers that the region is experiencing a bizarre situations. The army has just arrived and the newspapers shuffle opposite hypotheses: Is it an atmospheric conflict or an unidentified flying object?

During a walk, they discover a ship with two... well, let's say two passengers with a special mission. They would have never imagine what happened afterwards.