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Miguel & William

Miguel & William

  • Director:

    Inés París

  • Country:

    Spain / United Kingdom

  • Year:


  • Genre:


  • Duration:

    100 minutes

  • Producer:

    Antonio Saura, Juan Luis Galiardo and José Velasco

  • Production Management:

    Alicia Tellería

  • Production Companies:

    Zebra Producciones, Miguel & William P.C., Don Quijote de la Mancha, 2005, Future Films

  • Script:

    Inés París; Based on an argument by Tirso Calero, Miguel Ángel Gómez, Eva Cruz.

  • Assembly:

    Julia Juaniz

  • Costume Design:

    Sonia Grande

  • Director of photography:

    Néstor Calvo Pichardo

  • Artistic direction:

    John Bunker / Bárbara Pérez Solero

  • Music:

    Stephen Warbeck


Elena Anaya (Leonor de Vibero), Juan Luis Galiardo (Miguel de Cervantes), Will Kemp (William Shakespeare), Malena Alterio (Magdalena), Miriam Giovanelli (Consuelo), José María Pou (Duque de Obando), Geraldine Chaplin (La Dueña), Jorge Calvo (Sancho), Carolina Lapausa (Juana)


Leonor De Vibero, the daughter of a Spanish merchant living in England, is a young woman, curious and passionate about theatre. When she must leave London and return to Castile to marry a widowed and wealthy duke, leaves in London a desolate lover, William Shakespeare, a promising author of comedies who enjoys the pleasures of the flesh as much as the applause of the public.

Already in Spain, Leonor meets Miguel de Cervantes, an old soldier and writer who has lost confidence in himself and faith in his talent. She convinces him, using her capacity for seduction and enthusiasm, to write a comedy to celebrate her marriage with the duke. But when Leonor begins to break the resistances of the author, Shakespeare appears unexpectedly to try to stop her marriage with the duke. Leonor sees the opportunity to unite the talent of the two writers. Cervantes will bring depth and wisdom and Shakespeare his theatrical resources and sense of humor, but the authors discover her plans and become enemies. In the meantime, The duke's daughters convince him that Leonor has a lover to whom she has given a valuable family jewel. The future husband proves to be an angry and vengeful man and threatens Leonor: if the jewel does not appear, instead of marriage there will be an execution.

To help Leonor, Cervantes and Shakespeare end up collaborating, and try to fix the problem.