• Director:

    Miguel Albaladejo

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Duration:

    106 minutes

  • Producer:

    Ximo Pérez, Enrique González Macho, José Nolla, Antonio Saura

  • Script:

    Miguel Albaladejo

  • Assembly:

    Pablo Blanco

  • Costume Design:

    Silvia García - Bravo

  • Director of photography:

    Alfonso Sanz Alduan

  • Artistic direction:

    Pepón Sigler

  • Music:

    Lucio Godoy


Lolita (Chelo), Jorge Perugorría (Toni), Elena Anaya (Esther), Mar Regueras (Natalia), Geli Albaladejo (Maribel), Roman Lucknar (Roman), Noé Alcázar (Miguel Ángel), Jorge Alcázar (Paco), Roberto Hernández (Marcos)


When Chelo Zamora (Lolita), a middling singer, agreed to spend the summer working in a restaurant in the Valencian beach of Cullera, she could not imagine that she was going to meet Toni again, with whom she shares a dark past. Moved by her desire of revenge, Chelo will try to ruin his life: make him break up with his girlfriend Esther, lose his job and she even gets the police under his trace… Toni will take some decisions and finally, everything will have an unexpected outcome.