Silencio en la nieve

Silencio en la nieve

  • Director:

    Gerardo Herrero

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Format:

    Súper 35 Mm - Color / Dolby Srd

  • :

    Projection system:


  • Duration:

    114 minutes

  • Locations:

    Lithuania and Studies Ciudad De La Luz (Alicante - Spain)

  • Producer:

    Gerardo Herrero, Carlos Rodríguez, José Velasco, Javier López Blanco

  • Co-producers:

    Ramunas Skikas, Antonia Nava

  • Executive producer:

    Antonio Saura, Mariela Besuievsky

  • Production Companies:

    Tornasol Films, S.A. (Spain), Castafiore Films (Spain), Foresta Films (Spain), Zebra Producciones (Spain), Lietuvos Kino Studija (Lithuania). With the support of: Eurimages. With the collaboration of: TVE. With the sponsorship of: Generalitat Valenciana - Ciudad De La Luz.

  • Script:

    Nicolás Saad, Based on the novel by Ignacio Del Valle: 'The Time of Strange Emperors, Published by Alfaguara

  • Costume Design:

    Lena Mossum

  • Director of photography:

    Alfredo Mayo

  • Artistic direction:

    Edou Hydallgo

  • Sound Direction:

    Eduardo Esquide

  • Efectos Especiales:

    Reyes Abades


Arturo Andrade: Juan Diego Botto
Sargento Espinosa: Carmelo Gómez
Cabo Aparicio: Jordi Aguilar
Sargento Estrada: Víctor Clavijo
Zarauza: Francesc Orella
Tiroliro: Sergi Calleja
Navajas Del Río: Adolfo Fernández
Guerrita: Andrés Gertrúdix
Pablito: Manu Hernández
Servando: Toni Hernández
Capitán Larios: Javier Mejía


On the Russian Front in the harsh winter of 1943, a battalion of the Blue Division finds some horseheads scattered on the frozen surface of a lake. The bodies are submerged under the ice. Next to one of the horses, the corpse of a Spanish soldier. A knife wound crosses his neck from side to side, and on the shoulder has a bizarre inscription engraved with a knife.

The commanders commission the investigation of soldier Arturo Andrade’s death to a former police inspector, who assumes the task with rigor and professionalism, assisted by Sergeant Estrada. Both soon discover that behind this assassination is hidden a perverse revenge, that has not finished yet. No one is suspicious and no one can feel safe. In the middle of World War II, there is a search of a killer and no one will know who is the hunter and the hunted.