A la Sombra de la Cruz

A la Sombra de la Cruz

  • Director:

    Alessandro Pugno

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Genre:


  • Duration:

    73 minutes

  • Producer:

    Gabriella Manfré, Antonio Saura, Alessandro Pugno, Enrico Giannone, Andrea Parena, Francesca Frigo

  • Production Management:

    Nacho Gómez Navarro

  • Executive producer:

    Luca Cechet Sansoé

  • Script:

    Alessandro Pugno

  • Assembly:

    Enrico Giovannone

  • Director of photography:

    Leif Karpe

  • Sound Direction:

    Filippo Restelli and Diego Cardoso


Not far from Madrid there is a monument called Valle de los Caidos. This site is still today the symbol of an unresolved conflict within Spanish society. Under the cross lie 35,000 victims of the Spanish Civil War, while 50 children study in the same place in a boarding school: they receive an education that desperately tries to resist the drift towards secularism and scientism of contemporary Spain and of global society.