• documental-el_pollo_el_pez_y_el_cangrejo_real

El pollo, el pez y el cangrejo real

El pollo, el pez y el cangrejo real

  • Director:

    José Luis López-Linares

  • Country:


  • Year:


  • Genre:

    Documentary, Cooking

  • Duration:

    87 minutes

  • Producer:

    Antonio Saura and José Luis López-Linares

  • Production Companies:

    Zebra Producciones, Lópezli Films

  • Script:

    José Luis López-Linares, Antonio Saura

  • Assembly:

    Sergio Deustua

  • Director of photography:

    Teo Delgado

  • Music:



Jesús Almagro, Pedro Larumbe, Félix Guerrero, Alberto Chicote, Darío Barrio, Serge Vieira, Sven Erik Renaa, Juan Mari Arzak, among others...


The Bocuse d'Or', the top award for professional chefs, is presented every two years in Lyon. This final is an extraordinary culinary experience. Having been selected during a highly regulated but nonetheless dubious nomination process, the finalists are given the task of preparing two meals in twelve portions in five and a half hours.

The cooking takes place in front of an audience and the chefs are asked to use certain basic ingredients and must prepare everything from scratch.

The participants compete under extremely tough conditions. The dishes should reflect both contemporary trends in cooking and contain some element that is characteristic for the finalist's native country.

We follow Jesus Almagro, the Spanish candidate, who has to find the recipe and the ideal presentation, which will captivate the jury to the point of crowning him with the Best Cook of the World Award.