• documental-fados



  • Director:

    Carlos Saura

  • Country:

    Spain and Portugal

  • Year:


  • Genre:

    Documentary, Musical

  • Duration:

    90 minutes

  • Producer:

    Luis Galvao Teles, Ivan Dias, Antonio Saura and José Velasco

  • Script:

    Carlos Saura

  • Assembly:

    Julia Juániz

  • Costume Design:

    Isabel Branco

  • Director of photography:

    José Luis López-Linares, Eduardo Serra (Lisboa)

  • Music:



Mariza, Carlos Do Carmo, Camané, Caetano Veloso, Lila Downs, Chico Buarque, Miguel Poveda, Toni Garrido, Lura, among others ...


Having taken on flamenco in 1995 and tango in 1998 Carlos Saura tackles in 2005 a third great melancholy music style, directing "Fados," a celebration of Portugal's classic, lamenting acoustic folk songs. After more than two years of research on the Fado, Carlos Saura makes an important leap in his approach to the musical.

The film combines fado performances from top artists, dance from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde and archive footage. In the song centrepieces, artists deliver contemporary versions of fado classics. Lined up fadistas include young female star Mariza as well as Grammy award-winner Carlos do Carmo. Renowned diva Amália Rodrigues is remembered through arquive footage while the exploration of fado's influences and roots gives opportunities to embrace prestigious Brazilian performers Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and the emerging Cape Verdean star Lura.