The extraordinary powers of the human body

The extraordinary powers of the human body

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Patricia Conde and Luis Quevedo


Patricia Conde and Luis Quevedo show 'The extraordinary powers of the human body' at Movistar’s channel #0. This 6-episode documentary series will show viewers the physiological mechanisms that make our bodies work, an incredible machine whose capabilities we know very little about. 80% of the world's information comes through our eyes, hugs stimulate our immune system while touch is the first sense that we acquire in the womb and the last one we lose before we die. The human body is a great unknown but the actress Patricia Conde and the science Journalist Luis Quevedo have proposed deciphering it in 'The extraordinary powers of the human body'. Produced by Movistar + in collaboration with Zebra Producciones. The program, supervised by the Spanish Council for Scientific Research and the Spanish Sports Council, will explain what happens in our body in original and amusing way with the highest scientific rigor. Patricia and Luis will be our guides and will live extreme situations in all programs to put their bodies and fears to the limit, overcoming great obstacles such as blizzards, sprains or altitude sickness. In 'The body to the limit', the first of the deliveries, will have 5 days to reach the top of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, while in 'The five senses' will travel to Morocco to discover the sensors that help us understand the world. Experts like Pere Estupinyà, neurobiologist and scientific journalist; Luis Miguel Otero, director of the Institute of Neurosciences of Alicante or Javier de Felipe, a neuroscientist at the Cajal Institute who works for NASA, leading figures as Dr. Daniel Brotons (expert in sports medicine at height), Dr. Fojón (medical specialist in underwater medicine), Ricardo Martínez (chronobiologist and director of the Instituto Cajal and elite athletes as Miguel Lozano apnea world Champion, will explain curiosities about the functioning of the human body. Based on the format 'Les pouvoirs extraordinaires du corps humain' that has captivated critics and audiences in France and whose broadcasts in prime time are followed by up to 4 million viewers.