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    Soap opera
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Marina Gatell, Benito Sagredo, Octavi Pujades, Olalla Escribano, Natasha Yarovenko


LALOLA arrived in Spain preceded by an enormous success in Argentina, where it has meant a real television phenomenon. The original Argentinean format was sold to over 20 countries as Russia, France, Mexico and Chile, among others.

LALOLA was an entertaining game between genders. In fact, the title summarizes the essence of the serie: LALOLA is a play on words involving Lalo and Lola, a masculine and a feminine name.

LALOLA is the story of Lalo, an incorrigible womaniser who is transformed into a woman by a vindictive ex-lover’s spell. Lalo becomes Lola, an exuberant woman who will suffer the chauvinistic prejudices he had when she was a man. Lola will desperately seek the woman who cast the spell, in the hope of recovering his/her true identity. But his mind gradually adapts to her body.