Memento Mori

Memento Mori

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Yon González, Francisco Ortiz, Juan Echanove, Olivia Baglivi, Manuela Vellés, Fernando Soto, Carlota Baró, Javier Varela, Juan Fernández, Juanma Lara, Rodrigo Poisón


Directed by Marco A. Castillo and Fran Parra, the series begins when the body of a young woman with her eyelids amputated appears in Valladolid. Inspector Sancho (Francisco Ortiz) foresees a chain of murders, and with the support of “Carapocha” (Juan Echanove), one of the leading experts on serial killers, follows the trail of corpses that Augusto (Yon González), a sociopath with refined tastes, leaves around the city. They soon discover that they are dealing with a killer who commits crimes with a soundtrack and signs the bodies of his victims with poems. What Sancho doesn’t know is that the chase will turn into a very personal duel.