Negocis de Familia

Negocis de Familia

  • Genre:

    Soap opera
  • Original release:

  • Channel:

    Canal 9


Oriol Tarrasón, Silvia Rico, Pep Sellés, Alicia Ramírez, Gretel Stuyck, Berna Llobell, Remedios Cervantes, Olga Alamán, Dani Gómez, Carmen Benlloch, María Almudéver, Mireia Pérez, Iolanda Muñoz, Luis Gustavo Móttola


Family business deals with a story of family entanglements triggered by the disappearance of a character that leaves an important legacy: a rural hotel located on an extensive estate in Denia.

Hector Noguera receives the news that his uncle Luis has disappeared in a plane crash in Colombia, and he will inherit all his property. Hector... and also his ex-wife Maria Jose, since both are cousins too, and have equal rights.

Among these properties there is an extensive land in Denia, with great potential for urban development, and a small rural hotel. In the last wishes written by hand and deposited before a notary, Luis imposes on the couple the obligation to keep the hotel open and running for at least one year. At the end of this time, they will be able to sell it if they want, altogether with all the land. But until then, both must live in the hotel and jointly take care of the business. Not fulfilling this requirement imposed in the will, would mean loosing the assets to other hands.