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    Antena 3


Lola Marceli, Roser Tapias, Cristina de Inza, Ignacio Jiménez, José Baron, Alexandra Petrarrota, Guillermo Estrella, José Ramón Iglesias, Jaime Furci


Zebra Productions premiered "Padres" on Antena 3 with high acceptance by the audience with over 2 million viewers. "Padres" was a daily sketches show that presented situations every Spanish family faces every day, in a funny and touchy way, that made the viewer identify with it.

Padres depicted two different families, the Mellizo family, where both parents work, but he does it at home as a creative director for an advertising agency. In theory, everybody shares the housework... but it’s just a theory. The mother carries with most of it, the children squeeze as much as they can and the father tries to look for imaginative solutions for daily problems that not always work.

The Nieto family could be your neighbors. Silvia and Alberto work outside (she works in an editorial; he is a dentist) and they share the housework and the education of their daughters. Silvia is understanding and pragmatic about her daughters. Alberto tries to understand the women with whom he lives... but he is very far from achieving it.

Despite having different values and ways of living, the similarities between los Mellizo and los Nieto are greater than you might suppose.

In each chapter we share their fights and reconciliations, which always end in a funny way.