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    Soap opera
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Julián Gil - Leonardo Soto, Marta Belmonte - Juana Gómez-Acuña, Thaïs Blume - Isabel Gómez-Acuña, Marta Milans - Alba Varela / Alba Gómez-Acuña Varela, Marco de Paula - Pablo Soto, Michel Gurfi - Mario Soto, Héctor Noas - Lorenzo Gómez-Acuña, Elvira Lomba - Laura de Gómez-Acuña, Belinda Washington - Alicia Varela, Paca López - Mercedes, Alberto Rubio - Borja, Gale - Jorge, Vicente Renovel - Huevo, José Luis Díaz - Federico Santorcaz, Alfonso Vallejo - Germán, Belén Cascón - Raquel, Guillermo Vallverdú - Maurizio


Zebra Producciones filmed this fiction show for channel Cuatro. Valientes, the Spanish adaptation of one of the biggest hits of the Argentinian television. Valientes is a story of love and revenge.

The plot started twenty-five years ago, when Lorenzo Gomez Acuna, the most powerful man in town, changed the destiny of the three Soto brothers, when he snatched from the boys' father the lands he worked for, because it was the only obstacle to his great real estate project.