(ESP) El coronel no tiene quien le escriba

(ESP) El coronel no tiene quien le escriba

  • Date:

    Diciembre 2018- 2021

  • Author:

    Gabriel García Marquez

  • Director:

    Carlos Saura


Theatrical adaptation of the novel of Gabriel García Marquez, directed by Carlos Saura and performed by Imanol Arias and Cristina de Inza.
The old colonel and his wife live in misery, waiting a letter of the government with the concession of a pension promised for their services during the war.

But that letter never arrives and meanwhile the old couple lives in poverty feeding a fighting cock, which is their only hope of survival. As the time passes by and the letter still does not arrive, they will have to face a dilemma: feed the rooster or feed them. The greed of the people, the supposed friends, the fatality and stupidity of the war, are mixed with the loneliness of the old colonel, who still has two treasures left: the love of his wife and his dignity.