El Discurso del Rey

El Discurso del Rey

  • Theatre plays:

    Teatro Español (Madrid), Teatro Poliorama (Barcelona), Teatro Zorrilla (Valladolid), Teatro Arriaga (Bilbao), Teatro Victoria Eugenia (San Sebastián), Teatro Lope de Vega (Seville), Barakaldo Theater, Teatro Bulebar , Teatro Adolfo Marsillach (San Sebastián de los Reyes), Teatro Principal (Alicante), Teatro del Bosque (Móstoles), Palace of Festivals (Santander), Teatro Cervantes (Málaga), Teatro Federico García Lorca (San Fernando de Henares) Teatro Federico García Lorca (Getafe), Teatro Campoamor (Oviedo), ...

  • Date:

    May 29 to June 28, 2015

  • Author:

    David Seidler

  • Edition:

    Emilio Hernández

  • Director:

    Maguí Mira

  • Producer:

    José Velasco


The story takes place between the speech of Prince Albert closing the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium in 1925 and the speech as King George VI in 1939, to communicate the British war declaration. The text describes not only an outstanding fact of our history but also the power of speech and eloquence, the fragility of a King that needs to use his voice to reach English homes through the radio. Tells a story about friendship of two men struggling to rise above stammer, the unconditional love of a spouse… Love and humor as therapy.