The Feast of the Goat

The Feast of the Goat

  • Theatre plays:

    Teatro Infanta Isabel, Madrid

  • Date:

    Noviembre 2019-2020

  • Author:

    Mario Vargas Llosa

  • Director:

    Carlos Saura


The masterpiece, of the Nobel Prize for literature Mario Vargas Llosa, has barely been adapted to the theater, for its richness and complexity.

'The Feast of the Goat ´ narrates the last days of dictator Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, the author uses the character of Urania Cabral, a successful lawyer who left the country mysteriously as a child. Three decades later, she returns to visit her ailing father; she ends up recalling incidents from her youth and recounting a long-held secret.

'The Feast of the Goat ´ is a life lesson that reminds us that courage and dignity are the only antidotes against evil and barbarism. A fascinating story, based on real events, starring the great Juan Echanove, directed by Carlos Saura and adapted by Natalio Grueso. A new production of the team of one of the recent great successes of the theatrical billboard, the adaptation of the novel 'The colonel has no one to write', by Gabriel García Márquez.