Zebra Producciones acquires the rights to “Esperando al diluvio” for its adaptation

Zebra Producciones acquires the rights to “Esperando al diluvio” for its adaptation

Zebra Producciones, part of the iZen group, has signed an agreement with the writer Dolores Redondo to produce and adapt the novel "Esperando al diluvio", published by Ediciones Destino.

The book tells the story of how a hunch of the Scottish investigator Noah Scott Sherrington leads him to Bilbao in 1983 to settle a score pending: to arrest the savage serial killer John Biblia. Everything will happen a few days before a real deluge sweeps the city.

Dolores Redondo defines herself as "a writer of storms" and with this novel, based on real events, she takes us to the epicenter of one of the greatest storms of the last century while portraying an era in full political and social turmoil. It is a tribute to the work culture full of nostalgia for a time when radio was one of the few windows open to the world and, above all, to music. It is also a hymn to the camaraderie of the crews and to the love stories that are born from a heartbeat. A dazzling work with characters that take us from the most dreadful cruelty to hope in the human being.

Synopsis “Esperando al diluvio”

Between 1968 and 1969, the killer who the press would christen John Bible killed three women in Glasgow. He was never identified and the case is still open today. In this novel, in the early 1980s, Scottish police investigator Noah Scott Sherrington manages to track down John Biblia, but a failure of his heart at the last moment prevents him from arresting him. Despite his fragile state of health, and against medical advice and the refusal of his superiors to continue the pursuit of the serial killer, Noah follows a hunch that will lead him to Bilbao in 1983, just days before a real deluge sweeps through the city.