• Zebra and Veralia join forces to create a leading content producer in Spain

Zebra and Veralia join forces to create a leading content producer in Spain

Zebra and Veralia join forces to create a leading content producer in Spain

Zebra Producciones, participated by José Velasco and Sara Fernández-Velasco, and Veralia Contenidos, participated by Vocento Group and Felipe Ortiz, have decided to integrate their production activities into a new audiovisual group, to consolidate their position in the Spanish market and offer top-quality audiovisual productions to television networks and content distributors.

The new company, IZEN Producciones, will integrate all Veralia Contenidos and Zebra Producciones brands, including Boca a Boca, Europroducciones, Hill Valley, Proima Zebrastur and Zebra.

The producers will maintain their commercial presence and act independently in the market. Zebra Producciones and Veralia Contenidos will continue their activities under the leadership of the current teams of the two companies, led by José Velasco as Executive President, Carlo Boserman as General Manager and head of Veralia, Sara Fernández-Velasco as Counselor and head of Zebra Producciones and Beatriz Velasco as head of Proima Zebrastur.

The new group currently produces more than 1,000 hours of entertainment and factual per year, in addition to about 400 hours of fiction for national and regional channels

Both producers have an average of 25 years of experience in the audiovisual production market in Spain and currently have more than 400 professionals working in different productions.

The new group created is, in addition, shareholder of the international group IZEN, also participated by the French producer Elephant and the production company Imagic, which operates mainly in Arab countries. The group also participates in the English production company Chalkboard, which currently produces programs for BBC, itv and Sky, among whose creations are the formats My Wonderful Life and Do not Ask Me Ask Britain.

According to José Velasco: "This agreement will allow us to create a new independent audiovisual production entity that will generate greater creative capacity and better possibilities of generating synergies. As independent producers we will be able to better serve the needs of our clients and invest together to create the best contents and help them to grow in in this time of changes that are revolutionizing the sector. We are delighted to be associated with Veralia that groups the best brands in the history of television in our country. Vocento and other Veralia partners, will contribute with their great experience in media and content".

According to Iñaki Arechabaleta, Business Director of Vocento: "Veralia and Vocento are again opting for value-generating operations for shareholders, and with reference professionals in this case, José Velasco, Carlo Boserman and Sara Fernández-Velasco."